"Finally! Discover The Step-By-Step Marketing, Sales, and Operations Blueprint Used By Top Fitness Professionals Who Own and Operate Six and Seven Figure Earning Personal Training Studios"

How to start your own personal training studio, from scratch, with little or none of your own money, and make it hugely profitable within 12 months or less, even if you have no prior business, marketing or management experience what so ever.

Dear Success-minded Fitness Professional,

If your inner voice has been urging you to break out on your own and open up your own personal training studio then the timing couldn’t be better for you than this very moment.

And if you own or operate a personal training center, but know that there’s got to be a better way to make your business more successful, more profitable and more reliable then this is going to be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Imagine having the freedom to make your own decisions, work your own hours and write your own paycheck.
Imagine not being a slave to a business that drags you out of bed way before the sun comes up and keeps you bound in chains until way after the sun goes down.

Imagine waking up to voicemails, emails, and messages from prospective clients who want to workout with you in your personal training studio because your marketing, lead generation and referral generation systems are working flawlessly.

Imagine gaining years of business know-how in just a few short hours, even if you’ve never owned a business before or have never taken a business course in your life.

Imagine having systems in place that do all the hard work for you, even making some of the tough decisions for you, so you can operate your business stress-free and with zero debt.

Hard to believe?

Maybe. But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet. Not until you see the evidence for yourself. All I ask is that you not disbelieve until you hear me out, fair enough?

Reading this letter will only take a few minutes, yet the rewards can be enormous because operating your own personal training studio, with the right systems in place, is the only way to gain total financial freedom.

A Reality Check - And Some Great News

You may not realize it, but you already posses many of the skills that will make you massively successful.

You’re an accomplished fitness professional. You have the education, the experience and the drive to help your clients get into top physical and mental condition.

You’re a people person. Your clients train with you because they like you…

You’re a great motivator too. Your clients trust you and have confidence in your every decision.

BUT YOU HAVE A BIG PROBLEM… you’re running your business without systems, organization, and with ineffective marketing strategies that are failing at getting you leads, prospects and clients and it’s costing you money, time, freedom, and STRESS.

You need to fix your business before your competition takes over your market… or worse, before you go completely out of business. And if you think about it, fixing your business is the only logical step you can take… and the best way to do it is to model the systems, strategies and tactics that the top earning personal training centers and studio on the planet are using.

I know there’s a huge fear factor that confronts you. Every fitness entrepreneur faces the same fears – starting your own studio takes too much time … it takes too much money … there’s too much risk … and the giant of them all – “I just don’t know where to begin.

And that’s exactly why I’ve created Fitness Studio Formula – a total step-by-step program for trainers who are ready to create a massively successful personal training studio.

Now, if you’re wondering who I am, why you should trust me, and what qualifies me to help you create a thriving personal training center – let me tell you a little bit about myself. I guided two of America’s biggest personal training facilities to combined profits exceeding $50 million a year and over 150 locations nationwide.

I’ve personally mentored a select group of personal trainers who’ve reached beyond $1 million annually, at their own studios and training centers. And I’ve taught many hundreds more how to systematically increase their earnings, month after month while taking their business to multiple six figures.
But above all, I’ve done it myself.

That’s right, I’m not just a “marketing guy” who sells stuff to fitness professionals. I know there are plenty of guys like that in our industry who profess but have never practiced. I’m a trainer like you.

I’ve owned and operated my own personal training centers complete with a staff if 62 trainers and managers and monthly gross revenue exceeding $72,000. And I did what only a few small business owners have done… When I was ready to move on to coaching and consulting with other trainers I was able to sell my business for a massive profit.

My point is not to impress you… my point is to impress upon you that I’ve worked in the trenches, I’ve successfully created and sold personal training studios and I can help you do them same.

Here's what just a few of my coaching clients and HIGH LEVEL fitness professionals have to say about me...

“One idea he gave me added and EXTRA $156,000.00 to my annual income.”

Bedros is a genius when it comes to making lots of money fast… One time six emails Bedros helped me with earned me an extra $31,735.17 in less than a week… and another time one idea he gave me added and EXTRA $156,000.00 to my annual income.

The dude can turn any fitness business into a money generating machine… he’s one of the few guys I turn to for advice when launching a new product or service and he’s always right at the very top of my speed dial. They call him the “Crusher” for a reason.

Chris McCmbs

“Without Bedros' coaching, none of this would have been possible."

Bedros, I have ordered most of your products. To be quite honest Bedros, I didn’t have to order more of your programs after the first 2, because I was so busy with the first few items that were making me so much money (right off the bat), that I haven’t had enough time to get to the rest of it!

Here’s what I say to any trainer considering your products and services…Bedros Keuilian will take you step by step, and even if you aren’t that smart, all you need is to have good work ethic and adhere to his principles and you will pass your competition in the fitness industry at mach5 speed! I can honestly say that without Bedros’ intense coaching, none of this would have been possible.

Shaun Kelley

Huston, TX - Multi million dollar producing studio

"Since the close clients sales training we have generated $220k in personal training revenue and collected $98k in cash"

I know that you probably get thousands of emails just like this. I wanted to tell you that since the close clients sales training we have generated $220k in personal training revenue and collected $98k in cash received between EFT and cash received in the last two months.

Not bad for facilities that are about 5000 sq ft and have about 1100 members.

Mike Gelfgot

Anytime Fitness

"Only three weeks into January and I've already increased my yearly income by $99,528"

To make a long story short in two days using your close 9-10 clients DVD I sold $17,520 in training. I watch the whole DVD last Friday, April 18th and then on April 21& 22 using the skills you presented on the close clients DVD I sold 144 sessions for $7920.00 and the next day close my highest program ever 192 sessions for a grand total of $9600.00.

Alphonso Allen

"I added $172,800 to my facility's annual revenue"

Last January I used the Close Clients system exclusively to close 20 new clients. That’s 20 clients with an average ticket of $720 per month on a 12 month contract. That means in a single month I added $172,800 to my facility’s annual revenue.

I never would have ever dreamed I could do that in a single month before your system.

Joshua Carter

"Just 3 conversations with Bedros increased my annual income by $216,000.72 per year."

Just 3 conversations with Bedros increased my annual income by $216,000.72 per year. Yes, it’s also true, Bedros is the mastermind behind what is going to be the biggest boot camp franchise in the world. Yes it’s true that meeting Bedros changed my life. Bedros is Brilliant.

BUT… I’m going to be radically honest with you. Bedros is WAY bigger than the fitness industry. He is. And I don’t know how much longer you will have a chance to skyrocket your income and dramatically improve your life with him like I did… He can only be the “Big Fish” in a little pond for so long before he needs to conquer a BIGGER industry. Do not hesitate and miss out… A prodigy like Bedros may only come along once in a lifetime.

Steve Hochman

"Since the close clients sales training we have generated $220k in personal training revenue and collected $98k in cash"

Just to give you another update – only three weeks into January and I’ve already increased my yearly income by $99,528 and I have another consultation set for tomorrow.

That personal training income is made by only working 14 hours/week. Let say that I close my potential client tomorrow, that would be $114,452 of additional guaranteed 09′ income

Andrew Stearns

But enough about me, I want to focus on you and the vision you have for your personal training studio.

Even with all this talk of the economy going down the toilet, it still hasn’t affected the studio owners who use my systems to set up, market, and fill up their training centers. At one point this information was only available to my high level coaching clients who pay me over $20,000 a year to access the business building, client getting, and income producing information I share with them.

But now, you can use the same tactics, strategies and systems and achieve the same level of success as my highest level coaching clients.

Before I show you how in-depth this course is and how it can springboard your personal training success, let me explain why I developed it in the first place.

The Genesis Behind Fitness Studio Formula Course

When I first got stared in the personal training business, I honestly thought knowledge of the human body, certifications, nutrition, and a little charm would be all I'd ever need for success. At least that's what everyone told me.

For a while, I was pretty happy earning a day's wage. I was helping people improve their bodies and their heath and that made me feel pretty good.

Only one problem ...

Like you, I wanted to earn more money. Like you, I had this dream of one day owning my own studio - a real business of my own. I dreamt of being my own boss. Enjoying all the perks, and not having to suffer financially if I took one day off.

I was a professional trainer for sure but when it came to business smarts, I admit, I was a rank amateur. And worse, there was no one ... NO ONE ... in this industry who was teaching the art and science of how to build a profitable and sustainable personal training studio... let alone duplicating it into multiple locations.

I was starving for that kind of knowledge and had no where to turn to.

That's when I finally said "the heck with this B.S.!"

To break free I began to study the masters of other industries - people at the top of their game in sales, marketing, advertising, business management, positioning and persuasion.

I buried myself in their books and tapes, extracting every juicy morsel of knowledge I could get my hands on. If there was a seminar anywhere on the continent, I made sure I had a front row seat. I knew I couldn't afford to miss even one opportunity to learn all that I could.

Then I applied the strategies of these winning pros to my own game. I had some early winners. And honestly, I had some miserable failures too. Like the time I had to dump $54,000 worth of supplements because I bought too much and I couldn't move them fast enough - they expired and I was left with the credit card deb

But the failures only fueled my desperate need to work
smarter. Hyper smart.

After pressing on for what seemed like eons, I slowly began to customize these amazingly brilliant concepts and applied them in my first personal training center. Pretty soon I discovered I could totally avoid many of the problems that were laying other studio owners out cold - legal problems, financial problems, personnel problems, marketing, landlord problems.

It was totally awesome! The systems I developed simply made these problems (the usual suspects and even the unexpected whammy out of left field) vanish into thin air.

All of a sudden stress time morphed, like magic, into opportunity time. Everything was just falling into place. And man, I was on a fire! It seemed like clients where coming in by the boatload and our existing clients were fanatically referring their friends, family members and co-workers to us.

We started making a name for ourselves and it was time to open up more locations.

Soon, other studio owners were bugging me to share my new systems. The more I shared the more I proved my systems really worked. I was becoming comfortably wealthy. So were the other trainers who were using my system... but the best part of it all was that I was helping people get into the best shape for their life and I was my own boss - working for myself.

Over the years it's only gotten better.

Today I'm at the top of my game. Today I'm anxious to share with you the best of what I've taught other successful trainers.

The Time is NOW for You to Take Your Training Center to The Next Level!

Here's why...

Forbes Magazine recently forecasted that gyms will be one of the top 10 market segments to continue to increase even in a turbulent economy.


Gerald Celente of Trends Research says: expect to find plenty of bargains in commercial real estate this year. That means you get to cherry pick some really prime locations at bargain basement prices if you’re in the market for a personal training studio.

Here's more good news..

I'll prove to you property owners are willing to jump through hoops to get you as a tenant. The door is wide open for you right now. So don't sleep on this one.

Here's the deal...

Last year I hosted a one-time-only, roll-up-your-sleeves workshop near my home in Southern California. I allowed only 14 participants who paid $2,000 each to sit in and learn everything I know about building a profitable fitness studio.

We covered every aspect of the business... from finding a location to negotiating the lease. From buying equipment to setting up your floor design, from setting up your grand opening to hiring your staff, from marketing and lead generation to sales and referral stimulation and from systems and operations to opening up multiple locations.

Helping me with this workshop was one of my most successful coaching clients, Josh Carter.
In the short time I've mentored Josh, he's pushed pretty darn close to that seven-figure income mark with his own studio. In fact, I'm pretty sure Josh is on track to breaking seven figures this year.
Recession? He don't feel no stinkin' recession.

Well, Josh and I held nothing back in our workshop. We taught all fourteen attendees every tip, tactic and strategy I've personally tested and proven over the past 15 years for creating a seven-figure studio.
This is the stuff that up until now only my highest level coaching clients got access to, but now, for the first time ever, you can get the entire blueprint to build your personal training studio to massive success.

Now here’s the best part... WE FILMED THE ENTIRE THING!

Then the fun part began... For an entire two weeks I worked closely with the video editors, making certain the final product is totally in-depth and fluff free. Then we put the entire workshop video footage and manual behind a password protected site and it’s available for you to access with one simple click.


As soon as you start watching video one, I'm going to begin transferring my 15 years of personal training studio building experience to you. Josh and I hold NOHTING back in this program.
You'll begin to think and act like an entrepreneur, a business strategist, a marketer, and you’ll have confidence in your business skills.

That's just for starters...

I've got over 30 mind-expanding questions for you (all natural, of course) designed to stimulate all the little synapses in your brain. Brace yourself because once you get into the groove, your mind will practically explode with new business ideas.

By the time you've answered all the questions you'll have connected all the dots.

You'll be able to visualize, maybe for the very first time, what your studio will look like, where it'll be located, who will be working for you, how you'll finance it, the whole shebang. This will completely eliminate all the guesswork for you. This alone is probably worth the cost of the entire course.

More good stuff ...

With this total mind transformation you'll see client getting and sales opportunities where none existed before. You'll see your business name in places that didn't seem obvious even just a week ago. And you'll put to work the power of the force multiplier, an intensely clever, yet very practical way to expand your business exponentially ... all while still having enough time to enjoy life.

Here's where it gets really good ...

  • Here's just a sample of what you'll experience as you dig into the Fitness Studio Formula Program:
  • Skip the legal mumbo-jumbo: Plain talk about how to set up your business to protect
  • Plus ... how to get one of America's most famous and highest paid attorneys to do your routine legal work for you ... and do it for "peanuts".
  • The simple decisions the "business elite" make to ensure their livelihood is well protected and how to tap onto their private bag of tricks to ensure you're not stripped naked in legal land.
  • Is your PAR-Q leaving money on the table that should go in your pocket? Or worse ... is it leaving you wide open to liability issues? Compare it to my "Swiss Army Knife" PAR-Q - packed with multiple tools that make you money and cover the critical legal stuff.
  • Financing phobias eliminated: How to attract cash-rich investors, keep them happy and keep them from meddling in your business. Sage advice you can't afford to miss.
  • Ultimate Wealth Formula: How to build value into your business from day one and make it an irresistible buy for cash-rich investors. Using this same formula I sold a studio for a fat six-figure profit!
  • How to find your ideal location ... plus a bundle of free tools that'll make the "looking" a snap!
  • Negotiate like Donald Trump! What you do before you meet with a landlord or gym owner is the key to walking away with a really sweet deal. I'll show you what to do to control the final outcome.
  • Save money on virtually everything you want to buy - 'insider' information on hot deals in fitness equipment, software, postcard printing, legal services, insurance (just to name a few) allows you to squeeze every penny out of your dollar.
  • Top line equipment is a great investment, right? Wrong. The best place in your business to invest money is the one most people overlook. I'll give you the skinny on where to put your money. Then watch in total amazement as it makes even more of the green for you.
  • Secrets revealed: The #1 reason someone will want to do business with you over your competitor and over doing nothing at all. And no, it's not the lowest price. Once you understand this little-understood fact of human nature, your closing ratio will soar. Plus ... you're almost guaranteed top dollar for your services, even while your competition discounts like crazy.
  • Why "old school" advertising goes unnoticed and how to create ads that grab readers by their eyeballs ... ensuring a steady stream of new prospects.
  • Free Publicity! Three surefire ways to get your name in front of huge audiences without ever spending a dime - plus ... a slew of low cost ad ideas and guerilla marketing tactics you can easily fit into the slimmest budget.
  • The powerful "preconditioner" (courtesy of a champion sales closer) that almost guarantees a "YES!" response from prospects right when you're ready to sign them up.
  • How to eliminate deal-breaker objections before your prospect even thinks of them, including two that trip up even seasoned salespeople.
  • Kick your earnings into overdrive with these simple (yet very powerful) strategies for selling big-buck packages ... like $3,000 to $7,500!
  • Close 100% of your prospects? I can get you pretty darn close to the magic number ... then show you how to double your chances of closing the ones that got away!
  • Cash-multiplying secrets I "lifted" from some of the world's wealthiest information marketers. Use them to practically clone yourself and earn buckets of cash even while you sit by the pool chugging your protein shake.
  • Why you can't be, and should never be, all things to all people - and how the power of niche and micro niche marketing can attract new customers like a magnet.
  • I guarantee it! Use this guarantee to increase credibility and this other guarantee to protect your butt. I'll tell you what each says, when to use them and why they work like gangbusters.
  • Protect yourself from bounced checks and over the limit credit cards with this quick fix. Eliminate irritating bank fees and save your clients the embarrassment. They'll love you for it!
  • Secrets of creative brilliance: You don't need to blow enormous wads of cash on Madison Avenue advertising. These little tips will bring out the true creative genius in you so you can turn out your own winning ads.
  • No Geek Zone: Child-simple ways to create a website, get it on the Web and drive swarms of eager traffic to it. Your friends will swear you earned a degree in computer science. But your site will earn you more money than any nerd could ever dream of.
  • Five essential elements of a money-sucking website that one Internet millionaire revealed to me on the QT. Just one of these can skyrocket your income, but I'll give you all five.
  • It's show time! I'll share with you some of the most outrageous, eye-popping and compelling advertising and marketing ideas my students have come up with. Use these like a magnet to attract your own clients.
  • Online Marketing Magic: Ten things every pro marketer packs into a website to get visitors to stay longer, come back more often and spend more money.
  • Getting burned putting out all those fires? I'll show you how to create a business that runs on autopilot, corrects mistakes even before they occur and frees up your time for serious business building.

Plus ...

More Goodies in Your Bonus Files and Workbook

  • My mega-cash-generating Par-Q in Microsoft Word. Just put your business name on it and you're good to go. Plus you can customize it any way you want.
  • A Welcome Aboard letter that makes new clients feel all warm and fuzzy inside and eager to tell all their friends about you. Tells them how to prepare for their first session and how to refer friends. Also in Word format.
  • A sample promotional letter that offers a free gift and asks for referrals. And I explain, right in your DVD course, how to use this letter for maximum impact.
  • Loads of sample advertisements - good ones and bad ones - so you can see the difference and stimulate your brain to create your own fantastic promotions.
  • A full year's worth of monthly promo postcards created by genius marketers who know how to attract new clients. In full color! Just add your name and phone number, pop 'em in the mail ... then sit back and wait for the phone to ring.
  • A Letter of Intent and sample Lease Agreement. Gives you valuable insight into what to expect from landlords and property owners. Totally eliminates the 'surprise' factor.
  • Save a bundle on attorney fees this year alone. And avoid potential employee relations problems that could cost you a lot more. I'm giving you one of my most valuable assets - my complete 28-page Employee Handbook. Written by my high-priced attorney. It's yours, free.
  • My personal Rolodex featuring the best resources I've found in legal services, liability insurance, management software, web designers, marketing services and more ... much more.

Earning a Living and Living Your Passion Was Never This Much Fun and this EASY...

If you’re scratching to make ends meet or you’re just frustrated that life isn’t what it could be, it may be a stretch to believe you can climb out of the hole you’re in right now. But I did it myself and without a formal business education.

And I’m not alone. Others I’ve trained are pulling in the big bucks too – like 80 G’s and 100 G’s a MONTH! Taking well deserved vacations whenever they want.

And the 14 trainers who were the first to take learn at the Fitness Studio Formula workshop Studio are now successfully running their personal training studios and helping hundreds of clients each.

It's So Easy to Dominate Any Market
(as long as you know how)

Listen carefully because this part is really important.

I’ve been in this industry long enough and have worked with enough gyms, sports clubs and training facilities to speak the honest and accurate truth to you now.

The vast majority of fitness businesses out there survive in spite of themselves. They’re a lot like automobile dealerships. They offer the same old product, using the same old B.S. advertising and they don’t have a creative marketing bone in their bodies.

They continue to exist, only making enough money to pay the bills and nothing more. I don’t want that for you. You have the opportunity to get much more.

No one who has correctly implemented any of my strategies has ever failed to attract new clients, earn more money or seriously grow his or her business. What I sell works. Plain and simple and that’s a bold statement to make, but I can back it.

Listen, you want your clients to pay top dollar because they perceive a greater value in your services than what anyone else is offering in your area. You want clients who are loyal, who refer their friends, and re-sign year after year.

Most of my clients have achieved their success by doing nothing more than following the blueprint and systems I’ve developed over the years as I grow my five personal training facilities. Follow the plan, implement the systems, and then watch the clients come on in.

Fair warning… Fitness Studio Formula is only going to be available for a limited time at this low, low price.

That’s because not every trainer is going to see the big picture the way you see it – and the awesome potential this opportunity presents. Not every trainer is going to jump at the chance to radically change his or her life.

In fact I know most will let their own fear keep them in financial bondage. Even with all the proof I’ve offered, they’ll prefer to settle into their mediocre lifestyles and continue to be quietly frustrated. So I only want to make this system to fitness business owners who are serious about taking their personal training center to the next level.

By this time next week you could be well on your way to building your own thriving and successful studio.

And if you’re still a little hesitant, well, that’s okay too. Even with all the help you’ll get from me and Josh it’s still a pretty big step. And you want to make absolutely sure this is the right move for you. I understand.

So let me take away all the risk for you with …

My Ultimate Pull-No-Punches
Satisfaction Guarantee

I’ve gained this reputation over the years of being kind of a straight shooter. Some folks call me brutally honest. Others know from experience I don’t pull any punches. So let me lay all my cards on the table for you right now.

I don’t put together any cheesy products and I don’t sell anything for the sole purpose of lining my pockets with cash. I’m offering you 15 years of research, planning and proven results in building and running a super successful personal training studio.

You get to avoid all the pitfalls of starting and growing a business because I’ve already paid the price.
Everything I tell you I’ve already done myself. And very successfully. Now I want you to be even more successful.

If an ex-bouncer with no college education can build a seven-figure bank account with a little training business, so can you. In fact, I’m betting you’ve got plenty of advantages over me already. You just need the knowledge that’s jam-packed into this course and the desire to work hard.

If you ever feel – for any reason, or no reason at all – that you didn’t get all that I promised you, then I insist that you ask for an immediate refund. No questions asked. For a full 12 months. This way there’s no pressure on you. I’ve got you totally covered with my 12 MONTH UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GURNATEE. Fair enough?

Take a Closer
Look at What's Inside Each Module.

124 things you’ll learn …

What I learned on a cruise to Alaska that will become the gunpowder that fires off your entrepreneurial spirit.

5 ways to structure your business and the pros and cons of each one.

How to incorporate your business for a fraction of what an attorney would charge you. (This little gem is easy to use, it’s automated and it’ll Save you HUNDREDS.)

How to structure partnerships so you both win … plus you’ll never have to worry about having the financial rug pulled out from under you.

3 ways to protect your business and keep you and your employees out of hot water. Proceed at your own risk if you don’t know this valuable information.

How to find the perfect location and the ideal population density. (This free service will help you avoid opening a studio in the wrong place.)

4 sources of startup capital – two rock-solid conventional sources, one you should avoid like the plague and one, that if properly structured, (and I show you how) can be a lifesaver.

4 important considerations when working with investors. (You can’t afford to miss even one of these.)
1 simple formula you can use to determine how much startup money you’ll need … plus specific formulas for allocating funds so you don’t waste a penny.

3 ‘requests’ to add to your letter of intent to ensure you get low rent, free rent for up to 90 days, and reduced build out costs.

286 things you’ll learn watching Module Two

5 reasons why an existing gym may be the best place to start your studio … plus 3 proven ways to convince the gym owner he needs you.

1 fail-safe way to determine which gym is the best one for you.

2 ways to ensure your income is not affected if the gym suddenly begins to lose membership.

14 point build out checklist covers all the basic necessities to get you quickly up and running.

11 pieces of equipment you should start with … plus the pros and cons of leasing vs. buying and new vs. used … plus an almost too-good-to-be-true source for low cost, high quality reconditioned equipment.

1 savvy strategy (tested and proven by chains with 60-100 locations each) for negotiating a lease. Plus I show you how to structure the deal so the gym sells your memberships for you.

3 questions you must answer to discover your ideal niche … plus 6 example niches with proven profit potential.

25 point checklist for staying on the right side of the law … plus tips on how to avoid entanglements with the IRS.

5 positions you must fill to professionally staff your studio … plus which positions to fill first and how much to pay employees.

3 ways to keep employees happy and zealously loyal to you (and no, a raise is not one of them) … plus how to motivate them to sell, sell, sell.

2 insanely lucrative sources for finding new trainers … plus what to say to ensure you get only the cream of the crop … plus how to legally and ethically ‘steal’ top trainers from your competition.

377 things you’ll learn watching Module Three

7 reasons why traditional marketing sucks … plus the single most important issue you must always address when creating any marketing plan.

2 “fill in the blanks” scripts for generating truckloads of referrals from clients, even if they signed up two minutes ago. In fact that’s the best time to ask for referrals and I tell you the #1 reason why.
5 indisputable rules of direct response advertising. Follow them and you’ll create ads that bring in money you can take to the bank tomorrow.

8 surefire publicity strategies that can establish you as the fitness authority in your community – and they cost you nothing!

13 marketing must-do’s – a checklist designed to get you the highest response and retention rates at the lowest possible cost.

2 samples of bad advertising (both businesses have gone belly-up already) and 9 examples of genius advertising designed to create a profit bonanza.

Dozens of ways to craft the “irresistible offer” creating a can’t wait, must-have-it-now sense of urgency in your prospect’s head.

3 psychological laws – social proof, reciprocity and liking – the hidden magic that attracts new clients almost effortlessly and then helps you build an army of loyal evangelists who will gladly do the selling for you.

1 word – FREE – how to use it to create a firestorm of interest.

11 cutting edge ways to generate qualified leads so you can build a list of prospects you can market to over and over.

497 things you’ll learn watching Module Four

7 reasons why you need high converting a website (and how to get one without spending a ton of money). If you don’t know all seven, you’re missing opportunities to make more sales.

3 ‘job descriptions’ for websites and why you should never combine them into one multipurpose site.

3 critical factors almost everyone overlooks when choosing a domain name.

5 basic elements every website must include – 3 say “you’ve found what you’re looking for” and the other 2 say “let’s talk.” Many sites miss the mark here, confusing visitors and making it easy for them to exit. Don’t let this happen to you.

11 more compelling elements – the icing on the cake – that almost force visitors to stay on your site longer and want to learn more about you.

2 glaring examples of fitness sites that do just about everything wrong. (Classic examples of what not to do.)

3 examples of fitness sites that get it right – with multiple ways to persuade prospects to say “tell me more!”

5 nails in the coffin studio owners unwittingly use to kill any chance of a sale. Avoid these common mistakes made by amateurs.

3 sources for domain registration, website hosting, site design and shopping cart integration.
6 reasons why you absolutely must have a blog … plus how to set yours up for free and how to make it an effective way to heat up sales.

2 great ways to get inbound links to your website, attracting qualified prospects who weren’t even looking for you.

7 ways, tested and proven by millionaire web marketers, to send streams of high quality traffic to your website.

10 resources experts at online marketing use every day to promote their sites.

3 questions you’ve got to ask every prospect to determine their personal motivation. Forget these and you miss the mark – selling the wrong thing to the wrong person.

7-step sales formula that smoothly, almost hypnotically, moves anyone from shy prospect to committed buyer.

6 steps you must take to lock down the sale TODAY.

How to get your prospects to commit to 12-month contracts without scaring the crap out of them.
2 simple scheduling changes that’ll slice your payroll-to-net income ratio to the bone. Earn gobs of money without increasing staff size or increasing their workload.

How to use up-sell and cross-sell strategies to skyrocket sales without spending a penny more on advertising.

The only 2 ways you should ever answer this question: “How much does it cost?”

8 easy-to-implement systems that allow you to build your business while it runs itself on autopilot.

519 things you’ll learn watching Module Five

How to use the lifestyle questions on the PAR-Q I provide you to neutralize any objections … before your prospect can even think of them.

Watch Josh Carter use mini-closes to condition me (role playing as the prospect) for the final close. These and other techniques we teach you can boost your closing percentage beyond the ridiculous. And listen carefully for Josh’s “if” questions that gently force me to answer with a “yes”, again psychologically conditioning me to say yes when it’s most important.

Count the number of “yeses” I naturally respond with in just a 4 minute presentation. There are at least 8.

How drawing simple diagrams (and we’ll show you what to draw) helps your prospect to both see and hear your presentation. By engaging the sense of sight and sound you eliminate confusion by more than doubling your prospect’s ability to understand and retain information.

Pay close attention as Josh creates word pictures and analogies familiar to everyone to explain his program. Use them to get every part of your prospect’s brain focused on the benefits of your program.

And notice how Josh continues to gently prod me to interact with him. I’m not being sold to.
I’m actively participating and subconsciously agreeing with him, selling myself without realizing it. Josh is using multiple psychological tools to condition me for the close. We explain each of these tools right in the video.

This one is brilliant. In just 3 minutes Josh explains the cardio portion of his program and why short sessions offer me the two benefits I’m already looking for.

Next Josh switches to ultimate sales mode. Notice how the choices he gives me make it impossible to say “no”.

When I do object – to the price – Josh doesn’t drop his price. Instead he reworks the schedule and adds extra value that costs him nothing. He presents me with an irresistible offer that meets all my needs and wants. He gets the sale without losing a penny. In fact, his per-session price actually goes up! But you’ve really got to watch this video to absorb all that’s going on here.

In fact, we’ll show you how to consistently maintain your profit margins, no matter what the objection is. Never drop your price. You have more to offer than a price reduction. It’s all in the video.

Plus …

3 most common objections and how to stop them cold.

2 ways to handle the “I’ve got to talk this over with my spouse”

objection – the magic behind the simplest solutions most people overlook.

3 F-words – the most important words in your vocabulary when responding to any objection.

649 things you’ll learn watching Module Six

2 reasons why you must perform monthly sales evaluations. (Amazingly, very few business owners use them and it’s costing them a bundle.)

3 simple ways to offer the “velvet rope treatment” to your clients – untapped resources that assure client retention.

The right way to track daily sales volume. This allows you to build an historical database so you can predict future sales trends. It’s also a great way to manage your sales staff. I include an Excel spreadsheet to make this a snap.

How to use incentives, bonuses and regularly scheduled meetings to keep your employees highly motivated.

The best time of day to follow up with prospects and the one member of your team who should make these calls. And no, it’s not you or any of your trainers.

Why you need multiple streams of income … plus 10 products and services you can add right now to beef up your bottom line. It’s like getting free money.

2 reasons why you must offer prospects and clients information products … plus how to structure your offers to maximize profits.

2 is better than 1. 3 is better still. How to bundle products and services into attractive packages impossible to resist.

How to take extended vacations (2-3 weeks at a time) and never see a drop in business income.
The one and only reason why you should consider opening a second location. Any other reason could cost you big bucks and threaten the stability of your business.

6 indisputable marks of the Warrior Mindset – they set the leaders apart from the followers.
Don’t worry. If you don’t posses all 6, you can learn them.

18 of the best business resources I’ve ever discovered. Use them to get you out of your business so you can work on your business. That’s the real key to higher profits.

So far, that’s at least 352 things you’ll learn studying your Rapid Deployment Tactical Business Course. I couldn’t possibly count them all. There’s just too many.

Oh … plus there’s boatloads of true stories, examples and anecdotes in each module to jump-start your own creative genius.

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